Suntop Mould believes in true customer/supplier partnerships. Our engineers and assembly specialists are available to you at the very early stages of your project. Our "design for manufacturing" expertise will save you time, materials and money as you move your product rapidly towards the marketplace.  
    We share our experiences in partnering, offering lead time and cost reduction ideas and techniques through technical seminars, and we track our quality and delivery performance to our customer requirements. These statistics are available to our customers as added assurance that we are meeting critical requirements all the time.
     We work hard to keep costs down for our customers. We continually strive to minimize the total acquisition costs, not just parts and materials costs. For each project, we plan for the best utilization of our skilled employees and sophisticated machinery, delivering maximum quality and value.
     As a matter of business philosophy we maintain high ethical standards at every level. A business partnership, with open lines of communication at every applicable level, will maximize productivity and minimize time to market. 
    We also believe a strong financial structure is important as customers become more dependent on fewer suppliers.
    In today's competitive marketplace, we know we can be successful only if our customers are successful. A strong partner relationship delivers the most value by serving the best interests of both parties.

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