Suntop Mould's Mission Statement
"To provide superior quality, expertise and service to our customers at a cost that is competitive in a world market."
Suntop Mould Inc. Quality Policy
Suntop Mould Incorporated is committed to meeting our customer's expectations of quality, cost, on-time delivery, and continual
improvement in all areas of the organization.
Suntop Mould Incorporated executive staff is committed to identifying and providing the tools, systems, training and resources
 required to consistently meet customer requirements and improve the company's operations, quality management systems
and the health and safety of employees, customers, the public and community.
The Staff and personnel of Suntop Mould Incorporated will continually adhere to the systems and processes that support our
 ability to meet customer requirements and will strive to continually improve them.
Quality Management
Each Suntop Mould Division is certified by BSI (British Standards Institute) as to meeting or exceeding the requirements of
ISO 9001:2000 relating to all activities performed at their facilities.
The Quality Management representatives at each Suntop Mould Facility provide expertise developed through years
 of education and experience. Division managers have developed his or her own quality team specifically trained
and experienced in their division's manufacturing field. These teams include quality engineers, quality technicians and inspectors
depending on location.
Quality Systems
The Suntop Mould Corporate Quality Management System is designed to assure no matter which division you regularly work
with, you are receiving the same attention to detail to assure superior quality and service.
Each division uses the same level one, Quality Assurance Manual and level two, Operating Procedures specifically developed
to assure attention to detail, consistent documentation and unsurpassed overall product quality and reliability.
These systems include:
Design Reviews
Design verification and validation
Electronically managed calibration control assuring positive recall and record keeping.
Receiving inspection
Mandatory documented Quality Planning for every project.
First Article Inspections
In-process inspection including computerized, paperless real time SPC and Process Capability studies.
Final / Last piece Inspection.
Nonconforming material control that assures positive and timely corrective and preventative action.
Internal auditing to assure our system remains in compliance.
Quality Goals
Each division has a proven history of meeting or exceeding our internally specified Customer Return Goal of less than 1000 PPM.
 That's equivalent to less than one tenth of one percent reject rate. Even though we regularly meet or exceed this goal,
we are always striving for continuous improvement. We're not satisfied with just being good. We strive to be the best.
Quality Control / Inspection Capabilities
Equipment available for inspection and testing includes but is not limited to:
Manual and DCC Coordinate Measuring Machines
Various Optical Comparators
Digital Height Gages with measurement ranges up to 40 inches

Datamyte SPC software for real time SPC and capability studies 


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