hard tool fabrication





Suntop Mould offers hard tool products, designed and developed internally, to its customers. Our vertical integration allows Suntop Mould to prototype, provide soft tool parts, and then hard tool your products. Early supplier involvement through use of our Technology and Costing Teams insures proper management of your programs and the most economical manufacturing processes to keep your tooling and product costs low.

Our production facility has 40 experienced tool designers and builders to assist in getting your product to market quickly. Your design is carefully reviewed and evaluated by our designers, and the resulting CAD design is sent directly to the floor.

Suntop Mould uses the latest in wire EDM, high speed machining and grinding, to produce tooling to be used internally or shipped eslewhere for use.

Our manufacturing distinguishes itself with its skilled and educated workforce, most up to date equipment, and dedicated control teams which insure Suntop Mould's commitment to on time delivery. Our inventory management provides an uninterrupted supply of product through a variety of product pull systems, which can be customized to suit your needs. Our quality is driven by our ISO 9001 program's stringent requirements through the manufacturing process, providing excellent on-time components.

Additional capabilities include:
l        Spotwelding
l        Welding
l        Riveting
l        Brake forming
l        Tox/Tog-L-Loc
l        Hand assembly


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