Suntop Mould utilizes a unique organizational structure called "Technology and Costing Teams" to bring our customers the utmost in service in the development and introduction of new programs. Each team is responsible for a specific group of customers and the teams are made up of representatives from each division to aid in the integration of products.

     The team structure has a manager to coordinate activities and professionals with a diverse set of skills and background experience. Product Designers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers and Managers have been molded into a unit that can deliver to the customer all aspects of product development. This differs from traditional structures where departments hand off their work from one department to the next, creating the need for continuous retraining and a lack of continuity and efficiency.
     Our team structure allows the same resource to aid in design and engineering, quote all aspects of a product, manage the project through the introduction cycle, set up supplier managed inventory programs and assure that the product is successfully and efficiently being manufactured in production. This offers the customer a single point of contact through the entire development process and the ability to nurture excellent working relationships knowing that the same contact will be there through the products' life cycle and have complete knowledge of all related history. Suntop Mould's TAC Team concept is targeted directly at satisfying our customer's most important requirements.
     Suntop Mould has extensive CAD/CAM platforms and an Engineering database transfer process to provide excellent flexibility to our customers. Please refer to the Engineering File Transfer section for all the data and transfer options.
  • In-house tool and mold making
  • Complete product design
  • Metal/Plastic material process and selection
  • Quick turn metal and plastic prototyping
  • Pro E
  • Unigraphics
  • IGES and STEP
  • Solid Designer
  • ME-10
  • Solidworks
  • CadKey
  • DXF and DWG
  • UG
Data Transfer
Please compress files (zip) if possible. Name files with revision level. Include EAU, quantities to quote, material & finish information & contact information.

Database Formats
Parametric Technology Corporation PRO-E
Drawing files (.drw) and assembly files (.asm) must contain all required part files (.prt) necessary to be usable.
Solid Works
All necessary files must be included.
Hewlett Packard Solid Designer / ME10 / ME30
3d Models as either Package (.pkg) or Bundle (.bdl) files. Drawings as either ME10 (.mi) or ME30 (.xmit)
CadKey Files 
Iges Files
Dxf Files
Step Files
Hpgl Drawings
File Transfer Methods
FTP - Please e-mail or call after the FTP transfer to assure prompt service
CD media

Floppy Diskettes - 3.5" format

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